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It’s time to meet your Medicare Advantage Members

Engage with AI

Bring your members into focus with the power of machine learning research and analytics.

Finally, you can go beyond a surface awareness of your Medicare Advantage population. With our advanced survey research and AI., you’ll understand your individual consumers.

We deliver a whole new world of data.

Standard industry surveys don’t provide enough customized data to make informed, real-time decisions that increase member satisfaction. We use rare and new data sets to develop deep insights and actionable intelligence about each of your members, all within an instant solution.


We mine rare data sets to develop rich insights into what makes your members tick.


We create deeper connections to your members through targeted surveys that generate new information about how your members live.


Armed with powerful information, we help you identify and implement precise recommendations to support each member.

Guesswork is no way to run a business.

The Oriel team has spent years developing AI solutions that address healthcare challenges. We empower businesses like yours to improve care and increase revenue.